PURO ELITE separator

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Compatible with all lubricants

Protect the environment, respect the legislation.
Oily compressed air condensates are hazardous industrial waste and legislation prohibits
their discharge without treatment.
PURO ELITE separators are designed to purify condensates and discharge purified water
containing a maximum of 10 ppm of residual oil.
This content complies with the law of 3.01.92 on water and the decree of 02.02.1993
concerning discharges from classified installations.
These scrubbers accept all types of lubricants (mineral, synthetic or polyglycols) from all
types of traps.
Their effectiveness is easily monitored visibly thanks to an indicator of the residual life of the
filter media.
The range covers installations up to 1800 m3 / h. Higher flow installations use several
separators connected to a flow distributor (Option)

  • Compliance with legislation on the content of hydrocarbons in waste water.
  • Essential for obtaining ISO 14000 certification.
  • Filter media saturation indicator.
  • Compatible with mineral or synthetic lubricants.
  • Treatment of polyglycols with specific adsorbent elements.
  • No settling tank conducive to bacterial development.
  • Accepts condensate from all types of traps.
  • Compatible with stable emulsions.
  • Sampling kit with visual turbidity indicator for release control
Model Flowrate (m³/h) My wish
PURO ELITE 20 1200
PURO ELITE 30 1800
PURO ELITE 60 3600
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* Select the generic if you don't know which model to choose. The sales department will contact you to determine the appropriate model.

* Requires a specific adsorbent and a reduction in the treated flow rate. Consult us for these

Oil / water separators of the series
PURO-ELITE are designed to purify oily compressed air condensates on site.
They capture the oil and discharge purified water containing a maximum of 10 ppm of
lubricant per liter. (Content in accordance with the decree concerning discharges from
classified installations, law of 3.01.92 and decree of 2.02.93).
PURO ELITE scrubbers cover compressor flows up to 1800 m3 / h (i.e. 250 Hp. Compressors
A saturation indicator allows you to check at a glance, and remotely, that they are working
properly and to carry out maintenance operations when necessary.
PURO ELITE provides true and efficient separation with compact and economical units.

Detailed specifications

Residual oil content 10 ppm
Polypropylene filtration stage 2
Finisher stage with activated carbon 1
Saturation indicator Yes
Overload indicator Yes
condensate inlet 2 x 1/2”
purified water outlet 1”
Sampling Yes
Construction PE
 recyclable set Yes
Mineral oil treatment Yes
Treatment of synthetic oils Yes
Treatment of stable emulsions Yes
Polyglycols(*) Yes
Gross weight