PURO NANO separator

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The first disposable separator

The PURO NANO condensate purifier is specially designed for small installations
(compressors of 15 CV or 120 m³ / h maximum).

It offers remarkable separation efficiency. The various filter media encapsulated in the ABS
casing guarantee a residual oil content of less than 10 ppm in the purified waste.

PURO NANO has a retention capacity of up to 1.5 liters of oil, which corresponds to 3000
hours of non-stop use for a 15 CV compressor.
It is compatible with mineral or synthetic lubricants. A special version is also available for
lubricants based on polyglycols.

A wall support and a release turbidity test kit are supplied as standard with the separator.
Its replacement is extremely easy and clean. Just disconnect the condensate inlet and outlet
and replace the assembly.

  • Compact single use model
  • Autonomous operation without energy source.
  • Compliance with legislation on the content of hydrocarbons in waste water.
  • 1 model for all flows up to 120 m3 / h
  • Compatible with mineral or synthetic lubricants.
  • Treatment of polyglycols (Specific model).
  • Robust ABS construction
  • Accepts condensate from all types of traps.
  • Wall support provided.
  • Sampling kit supplied with visual indicator of turbidity in the waste water.
  • Easy and clean replacement.

Model Input connection Raccordement sortie My wish
PURO NANO 1/2’’ 1/4’’
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* Select the generic if you don't know which model to choose. The sales department will contact you to determine the appropriate model.

* Requires a specific adsorbent and a reduction in the treated flow rate. Consult us for these

The PURO series oil / water separators are designed to purify oily compressed air
condensates on site.

They capture the oil and discharge purified water containing a maximum of 10 ppm of
lubricant per liter. (Content in accordance with the decree concerning discharges from
classified installations, law of 3 January 92 and decree of 2 February 98).

Detailed specifications

Residual oil content after treatment 10 ppm maxi
Maximum compressor capacity 120 m3/h
Construction ABS
inlet connection 1/2» threaded
outlet connection 1/4» threaded
Max. oil adsorption capacity 1,5 liters
Temp.mini. +1°C
Temp.maxi. +60°C
Mineral oil treatment Yes
Treatment of synthetic oils Yes
Polyglycol treatment Yes ( Special model)
Width 255 mm
Depth 230 mm
Height 212 mm
Weight when empty 2,7 kg