Condensate drain - JC 35

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These solenoid valves are controlled by a timer module allowing their operation to be
adjusted to the volume of condensate to be removed.
All timer modules have a manual function test as standard
JC 35
Robust solenoid valve for the evacuation of large volumes of condensate on compressors,
final refrigerants, tanks ...

  • Reliable and economical steam traps.
  • Simple settings easily adjustable according to the volumes to be evacuated.
  • Interval between 2 adjustable purges.
  • Adjustable purge time (except VPF 37).
  • Integrated strainer and isolation valve (COMBO model only).
  • Manual operation test on all models.
  • LED indication of operation
  • Operating pressure up to 21 bar.
  • Passage diameter up to 10 mm.
  • Compatible with all compressor lubricants and all oil / water separators.
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JC 35-2
JC 35-2 48
JC 35-2 110
JC 35-2 380
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Timed solenoid valves are by far the most used on compressed air systems.

Their low investment cost, linked to excellent reliability, greatly contributed to this success.
JC 35: Equipped with a robust 3/8 ”solenoid valve with a passage diameter of 10 mm,
intended for large volumes of condensate (Compressors, refrigerant, tanks, dryers ...)

Detailed specifications

Inlet connection

3/8” F
Outlet connection 3/8” F
Internal passage diameter 10 mm
Min. operating pressure 0,2 bar
Max. operating pressure 20 bars
Min. ambient temp. 1°C
Max. ambient temp. 60°C
Min. opening time 0,5 s
Max. opening time 10 sec
Min. interval between two drains 0,5 min
Max. interval between two drains 45 mins
Manual drain test yes
Strainer and stopcock integrated no
 220/1/50 Power supply Standard
Other supply voltages option
Electric protection IP65 no