Condensate drain - TEC-11

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Compressed air condensate drain for dental filters and compressors

TEC-11 removes condensate from filters for compressed air or dental compressors using a
solenoid valve coupled to an electronic programmer.
TEC-11 is extremely compact, can be easily installed under all types of filters, whatever their
size or flow.
The 2/2 direct acting valve with FPM seat ensures long service life and reliable operation.
TEC-11 is the perfect solution to replace float traps, which are prone to malfunction and frequent leaks.

• Suitable for all filters, whatever their size.
• Suitable for purging small capacity compressors.
• Reliability superior to internal float traps.
• Supply voltage from 12 to 380 V AC / DC.
• Brass valves, 1/8 "or 1/4".
• Operating pressure up to 16 bar.
• Protection class IP65 (NEMA 4).
• Fixed purge time with adjustable purge interval.
• Easy and quick installation.
• Fully automatic operation.
• Manual operation test
• Direct control with the guarantee of a reliable evacuation.

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Timed solenoid valves are by far the most used on compressed air systems. Their low investment cost, linked to excellent reliability, greatly contributed to this success.

Our range includes 3 models:
COMBO: an “all in 1” model that incorporates a protective strainer and an isolation valve.

JC 35: Equipped with a robust 3/8 ”solenoid valve with a passage diameter of 10 mm, intended for large volumes of condensate (Compressors, refrigerant, tanks, dryers ...)

VPF 37: Specially designed to advantageously replace automatic float traps for filters, which are subject to blockage and frequent cleaning.

Detailed specifications

Interval time 1,2 to 120 minutes, adjustable
Drain time 2 sec, fixed
Available voltages 12 - 380 VAC/DC - 50/60 Hz
Consumption 7mA maximum
Operating temperature -40° C to +55° C
Electric protection IP 65, NEMA 4 after installation
Timer box ABS plastic (FR)
Connection DIN 43650A ISO 6952
Indicators 1 LED (yellow) ON
Type 2/2 - Direct action
Valve passage diameter 2 mm
Intake 1/8" et 1/4” BSP or NPT
Pressure Max. 16 bar g
Ambient temp. 2°C à 55°C
Fluid temp. Max. 55° C
Valve Brass
Supply voltages 230 / 1 / 50 Hz
Optional voltages 12 - 230 VAC/DC, 50/60 Hz (100% ED)
Coil insulation Degree -H
Environmental protection IP 65
Valve sea FPM
Coil voltage Voltage tolerance +/- 10%