EMS For Deltech Eurodry heatless dryers

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The EMS2 economizer allows the compressed air consumption of Eurodry dryers to be
adjusted according to the actual charge rate (pressure, flow, temperature). A humidity
sensor placed on the air outlet pipe of the dryer continuously analyzes the dew point and
allows the length of the cycles to be extended during load rates lower than nominal. Thus,
the system makes it possible to reduce the consumption of compressed air necessary for the
regeneration of the desiccant.
The cycle is automatically controlled by a programmable controller.

An alphanumeric display located on the front indicates:
- The different phases of the cycles;
- The savings made;
- The necessary maintenance;
- The pressure dew point;

It is fully wired and factory tested and has as standard with a dry contact and a 4-20 ma signal
for alarm management and reporting.

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Allows you to significantly reduce the operating costs of dryers.
Optimizes the regeneration rate according to the actual charge rate of the dryer.
User-adjustable dew point.
System reactivity on the actual dew point measured downstream of the dryer.
Permanent digital display of the dew point delivered
by the dryer.
4-20mA signal for remote reporting and traceability of the dew point.
Display of operating parameters
- Duration of the cycle.

- Savings made.
- Maintenance required.
User-adjustable dew point alarm with
carry over to dry contact.
Can be installed retroactively on DELTECH dryers in service.
SIEMENS brand electronics and programmable logic controller.