Adsorption dryer - EURODRY series

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Water (Vapor)
Dew point -20 à -70°C
Selon grade - Classe iso : 1 à 3
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Performance and robustness!

EURODRY dryers, with regeneration without heat input, are designed to obtain very high
quality air.
They are suitable for applications where pressure dew points from -40 ° C to -70 ° C are
Particularly robust and flexible to use, their implementation and operation are simple and
inexpensive. Their pressure tanks, designed according to the new European directive,
incorporate a fatigue calculation on 1 million cycles, or around 15 years of operation.
They can be optionally fitted with a high-performance energy saver (see below)
The range includes 14 models and covers flow rates up to 5950 m3 per hour.

  • Standard pressure dew point -40 ° c (ISO class 8573-2001: 2)
  • Optional dew point -70 ° c (ISO class 8573-2001: 1)
  • Regeneration flow adjustable by the user according to the operating pressure.
  • Residual humidity indicator supplied as standard on the outlet manifold.
  • Compliance with the pressure equipment directive (97/24 EEC)
  • High quality DELSORB HQ A4 spherical desiccant, limited attrition, low dust production.
  • Robust pneumatic valves (Inclined seat or butterfly, depending on model)
  • Chassis designed to integrate upstream / downstream filtration, limiting space.
  • Efficient exhaust mufflers with anti-burst valves.
  • Electronic programmer with visualization of the cycle by L.E.D.
  • Optional EMS 2 energy saver.
Model Input connection Flowrate (m³/h) My wish
EURODRY 48 1“ 160
EURODRY 81 1“1/2 270
EURODRY 129 1“1/2 430
EURODRY 183 1“1/2 610
EURODRY 220 2“ 735
EURODRY 288 2“ 960
EURODRY 360 DN 80 1200
EURODRY 445 DN 80 1490
EURODRY 540 DN 80 1800
EURODRY 635 DN 80 2120
EURODRY 750 DN 100 2500
EURODRY 865 DN 100 2880
EURODRY 1785 DN 150 5950
EURODRY 1135 DN 100 3790
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* Select the generic if you don't know which model to choose. The sales department will contact you to determine the appropriate model.

(*) Admissible flow rate according to DIN 180 7183 under standard conditions (Pressure 7 relative bars, 35 ° C compressed air, 25 ° C ambient, Dew point under pressure -40 ° C)

The latest generation of DELTECH heatless dryers, the Eurodry range is distinguished at first sight by an impression of robustness.

The tanks and basketry, which are largely dimensioned, take place on a large, stable chassis designed to accommodate the installation of upstream and downstream filters within its perimeter, thus limiting the overall footprint.

To reduce energy consumption, these dryers have an adjustable regeneration rate as standard, allowing the compressed air consumption necessary for regeneration to be adjusted according to the operating pressure. An advanced energy saver (EMS 2) is also available as an option.

The tanks and all the dryers comply with the new pressure equipment directive which includes a fatigue calculation for 1 million pressurization cycles, i.e. around 15 years of 24-hour operation.

Different operating conditions may affect the performance of the dryer. In order to calculate
the dryer capacity under the most unfavorable conditions of use (lowest inlet pressure,
highest inlet temperature, lowest required dew point), use the correction graph.

Selection example

Inlet pressure: 4 bar g
Input temperature: 45 ° C
Pressure dew point at outlet: -20 ° C
By following the red arrow from 45 ° C to -20 ° C, then going down to the 4 bar line there is a
correction coefficient of 0.78.
The dryer capacity will be reduced to 78% of its maximum capacity.

Detailed specifications

Min./Max. operating pressure 4 bars / 10 bars
Compressed air temperature Mini / Maxi 5 °C / 50 °C
Ambient temperature Mini / Max 5 °C / 50 °C
Regeneration air flow 15% at nominal conditions
Noise level <78 db(a)
Power supply (all models) 240V / 1 ph / 50Hz - 60W
Protection class IP 65
Installation Interior
Floor mounting with anchoring