GPV and GPE compressed air dryers: economical and ecological solutions from 21 m3/h to 10,800 m³/h in water* and air-cooled versions.

► Variable speed GPV dryers

The variable speed refrigeration dryers actively participate in the ISO 50001 energy saving policy. This technology allows for a precise adjustment of energy consumption. In order to dissipate the thermal load, the speed of the condenser fan** and the refrigeration compressor are continuously adjusted. The dryer thus delivers a stable pressure dew point while adjusting the energy consumption to the minimum required to meet the instantaneous load rate of the system.

Digital display offering several possibilities such as the instantaneous power consumption consumption of the compressor and the
condenser fan.

Seasonal energy savings

Graphique de comparaison des écGraph comparing the energy savings between a GPV and ACT-EVO dryer under the following conditions:

► GPE Start and Stop Dryers

The GPE dryers are inspired by the Start and Stop technology which allows the dryer to be put on standby when the dew point is below the set limit. This significantly reduces energy consumption when the dryer is not in use. The new control module is a great asset that allows the dryer to be set to fixed or energy saving mode.

Consult your technical team at to establish the energy balance of these dryers according to the operating parameters of your customers and thus obtain a comparison with a traditional dryer.

* Water cooled capacity up to 18,000 m3/h.
** On air cooled models only