Adsorption dryer - MWE series

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Water (Vapor)
Dew point -40°C
Classe iso : 2

Optimal energy efficiency

The MWE series of dryers is mainly intended for applications with 24 hour operation.
It is particularly economical to use thanks to its internal heating system using multiple low-
power heating elements per column.
These resistances, out of contact with the desiccant, take place in finned tubes responsible
for ensuring a homogeneous distribution of the calories in the desiccant beds.
This technique provides maximum efficiency and the lowest operating costs on the market.
An optional energy saver (see below) makes it possible to further reduce energy
consumption in the case of fluctuating flows or less than the nominal capacity.
The range includes 11 models and covers flow rates between 245 and 4300 m3 / h

  • Standard pressure dew point: - 40 ° c (ISO class 8573-2001: 2)
  • Resistors installed in finned tubes, no contact with the desiccant, better heat distribution.
  • DELSORB HQ A4 spherical desiccant, limited attrition, low dust production, excellent temperature resistance.
  • Dry air cooling, no humidity before inversion of the cycle, no pollution of the desiccant by ambient air.
  • Low power consumption for regeneration.
  • Low noise level. (<70 DbA)
  • 2 temperature control thermostats per tank.
  • Automatic end of cycle stop with compressor stop signal.
  • Compliance with the pressure equipment directive (97/24 EEC)
  • Cycle control by SIEMENS programmable controller.
  • Efficient exhaust mufflers with anti-burst valves.
  • E8 energy saver optional.

Model Flowrate (m³/h) My wish
MWE 74 245
MWE 120 400
MWE 196 653
MWE 236 785
MWE 308 1026
MWE 385 1282
MWE 575 1916
MWE 675 2250
MWE 801 2670
MWE 1077 3590
MWE 1284 4280
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* Select the generic if you don't know which model to choose. The sales department will contact you to determine the appropriate model.

(*) Nominal dryer capacity according to DIN ISO 7183, pressure dew point -40 ° C
(**) The capacity of the dryer is based on the capacity of the air compressor at 20 ° C, 1 bar (a)

Due to their low consumption of compressed air (<3%), MWE calorific regeneration dryers
are particularly suitable for installations with a large or continuous flow.

Proven for over 30 years, the DELTECH MWE range of adsorption dryers is the only one to
offer a homogeneous and direct distribution of regeneration energy in desiccant beds.

Each tank has multiple heating elements installed in individual finned tubes. These fins avoid
any hot spot in the columns and distribute quickly and optimally the energy necessary for
the regeneration of the desiccant. 2 thermostats per tank regulate the regeneration
temperature in order to optimize electricity consumption as much as possible.

The tanks are cooled by dry compressed air, preventing contamination of the desiccant by
humidity or environmental pollution. A programmable controller manages all of the cyclic
functions which are visualized by indicator lights on the control box.

An advanced energy saver (E8) is also available as an option.

Detailed specifications

Min. Operating pressure

4 bars
Max. Operating pressure 10 bars
Min. compressed air temp. 5 °C
Max. compressed air temp. 50 °C
Min. ambient temp. 5 °C
Max. ambient temp. 50 °C
Power supply 400V / 3 ph / 50Hz

The following factors allow you to select the dryer when the operating conditions are
different from the standard conditions

Coefficient for different pressures at inlet (bar)

Bar 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Correction factor 0.63 0.75  0.88  1.00  1.12  1.25 1.37 Contact your distributor for a selection

Coefficient for different inlet air temperatures in ° C

°C 5 30 35 40 45 50
Correction factor  1.00  1.00  1.00  0.77  0.59  0.46

Example Calculation
Capacity 900 m3/h Corrected capacity for 35°C, 7 bar  = 900/ (1,37 * 0,59) =1113 m3/h

=>MWE 385 dryer is adapted.

Inlet air pressure 10 bar
Inlet air temp. +45°C