The RETROCONOMY controller has been specially designed to be retrofitted to all heatless dryers on the market.

The majority of the heatless adsorption dryers are controlled by a fixed cycle programmer and are therefore particularly "energy intensive".

Today it is hardly conceivable to operate a heatless adsorption dryer without an energy economiser.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, to optimise the drying cycles according to the load rate in order to reduce the consumption of regeneration air. Secondly, for quality and traceability purposes.

The RETROCONOMY and COMPUDRY controllers meet these two requirements perfectly and offer simple and intuitive operation!

Both consisting of a humidity sensor and energy management software, the economisers control the dryer cycle to achieve the best efficiency/performance ratio of the dryer. For control purposes, the dew point is continuously displayed on the screen.

The COMPUDRY is installed and tested at the factory before shipment on the PARSEC adsorption dryer and is immediately operational.

Dans leur version « Premium », ces contrôleurs permettent de surveiller de plus la température et la pression de l’air comprimé.

Competitive prices for a quick return on investment!