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Condensate distributor

Large compressed air systems may require the installation of several condensate separators.
To connect the oil / water separators and ensure a homogeneous distribution of the
condensate, it is necessary that the DISTRIBUTOR ensures that the elements are saturated
The DISTRIBUTOR has two 1 "condensate inlets and six 1/2" outlets.
The depressurization chamber ensures the depressurization of the compressed air
condensates and subsequent distribution in the oil-water separators.

  • Uniform distribution of condensate
  • Autonomous operation without energy source

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The oil / water separators of the PURO series make it possible to capture the oil and
discharge purified water containing a maximum of 10 ppm of lubricant per liter. (Content in
accordance with the decree concerning discharges from classified installations, law of 3.01.92 and decree of the 2.02 98).

Detailed specifications

Separator connection points 6
 input connection 1" BSP (2*)
outlet connection 1/2" BSP (6*)
body material PP
Total recycling Yes
Body Color Black
Installation kit included Yes
Installation kit contains: Wall mounting bracket with bolts and plugs, spirit level

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