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Description Blanking plug - FLOMAT 580 / FLOPRO 550 - Inox 1.4404
Application Used to close the measuring sections when the sensor unit has to be removed.
Description Adapter G1/2' Tap - PT 1/2' Threaded - SUS303
Application Used to adapt FLOMAT 600 / FLOPRO 550 to a ball valve with PT thread.


Description Adapter G1/2' Tap - NPT 1/2' Threaded - SUS303
Application Used to adapt FLOMAT 600 / FLOPRO 550 to a ball valve with NPT thread.
Description Flow rectifier
Application Flow straightener type "wafer" to be inserted in the direction of passage between two flanges upstream of the measuring instrument, allowing the inlet section to be reduced to a length equal to 5 to 8 times the internal diameter of the tube. Please indicate the internal diameter of the tube, the size of the flange and the pressure.
MAC0280, MAC0290, MAC0310, MAC0320
Description Tool for high pressure installation. To be used if the pressure exceeds 1.5 MPa
Application For safety reasons, we recommend an installation assistance tool if the operating pressure exceeds 1.5 MPa.
* MAC0280 - Protection for FLOMAT 600.180
* MAC0290 - Protection for FLOPRO 550.220
* MAC0310 - Protection for FLOMAT 600.210
* MAC0320 - Protection for FLOPRO 550.400
Description Pressure tube drilling tool
Application This device is used to drill a pressurized bore in a compressed air line through an open ball valve. (Measuring point)
Description Sensor cable, 6-pole, AWG22, external diameter 7.5 mm, with shielding, black (per meter)
Application Sensor cable for FLOPRO 550 sensor, ultrasonic flow meter and watt meter.
Description Sensor cable, 5-pin, AWG24, PUR, external diameter 5.0 mm, black, (per meter)
Application Standard sensor cable for flow and dew point sensors.
Description RS-485 cable, 3-pole with shielding, AWG 24
Application RS-485 connection cable.
Description Sensor cable 5 m, with M12 connector, open wire ends
Application The cable can be used to connect the PARTENAIR sensors to a display, a building management system or to a power supply.
Description Sensor cable 10 m, with M12 connector, open wire ends
Application The cable can be used to connect PARTENAIR sensors to a display, a building management system or to a power supply
Description Power supply for DIN rail connection, input: 85 ... 264 V AC, output: 24 V DC, 20 W
Application This power supply can be used to power the 24 V DC / 2 A sensors. It can be mounted on a DIN profile rail.
Description Power supply for wall mounting, input: 85 ... 264 V AC, output: 24 V DC, 15 W, without cable
Application This power supply is used to supply PARTENAIR sensors and other devices with 24 DC.
Description ½ "type G ball valve
Application This ball valve is ideal for installing FLOMAT 600 / FLOPRO 550 flow sensors.
Description Ultrasonic wall thickness meter
Application The device is used to measure the thickness of the tube wall.
Experience shows how rarely the internal diameter of the tubes is
known with precision, while it is essential for an accurate measurement. It is
possible to calculate the internal diameter exactly by measuring the thickness of
the wall and the external diameter of the tube.
Description 100-240 V AC / 24 V DC power supply, 0.5 A for PARTENAIR sensors with M12 connector, 2 m cable
Application Individual economical power supply
Description Service kit for sensor configuration, with software

Application This service kit can be used to control all the PARTENAIR sensors and modify their parameters.

An overview of the power consumption of the sensors can be found on page 69

Description Measuring chamber, 2 l / min at 0.8 MPa, quick coupling, without filter, max. 1.5 MPa, suitable for all PARTENAIR dew point sensors.
Application For easy connection to pneumatic systems via a quick coupling.
Description Measuring chamber with bypass, inlet and outlet via a quick connector for 6 mm hose, up to 1.5 Mpa
Application This measuring chamber can be used for applications requiring a bypass.
Description Measuring chamber, 4 l / min at 0.8 MPa, quick connector for 6 mm hose, with filter, pressure range 0.3 ... 1.5 MPa, easy measurement of gas/dew point pressurized air.
Application Compressed air is connected to the measuring chamber via a Teflon hose of
6 mm (quick coupling). The measurement chamber is connected to the sensor via a 1/2 "G thread. The" Rest "and" Measurement "positions are selected operated using a lever located on the measuring chamber. This allows the probe to be stored in a dry area and to quickly obtain measurement results.mesure.
Description Quick connection measuring chamber for 6 mm hose and ½ turn stop valve. Wall bracket included for fixing to the wall or any other support. Pressure range up to 1.6 Mpa
Application This measuring chamber can be used in applications requiring the humidity sensor to be fixed on a support (wall or other).
Description Measuring chamber for direct installation on a dryer, 2 l / min at 0.8
MPa, quick coupling for 6 mm hose, without filter, max. 1.5 MPa
Application The gas is brought to the measuring chamber by a 6 mm tube. By means of adequate drilling. It can be fixed on the dryer control box or on the body.
Description Humidity chamber for measuring the atmospheric dew point
Application This measurement chamber can be used up to 1.0 MPa, but the measurement conditions must be done under atmospheric pressure. The measurement result is a dew point at atmospheric pressure.
Description Measuring chamber up to 35 Mpa
Application This measuring chamber can be used for applications exceeding a pressure of 1.5 MPa. The adjustable valve allows you to set a low leak rate.
Description Quick coupling DN 7.4 and R1 / 2 "
Application To be connected to a ball valve to have a quick connection system for air sampling.
Description Coalescer filter, with quick coupling for 6 mm hose or threaded coupling
Application Prevents the ingress of water and / or oil into the measuring chamber and the sensor unit.
Protective caps for dew point sensor
Description Sintered caps are used to protect the dew point sensor from blows or dust. The right choice of cap depends on the application. Please contact our customer service.
Description 11.3% humidity control unit
Application Tool used to control dew point detectors. The jar contains a constant relative humidity of 11.3%. The dew point for an ambient temperature of 25 ° C is -6.3 ° C.
Description MAC 0260 measurement panel, with 4-20 mA input and two alarm outputs, 85 ... 240 V AC power supply, 96 x 48 mm plate
Application Installation in a dryer or similar device to display the dew point from a sensor with 4 ... 20 mA output.
Description Adapter for FLOMAT 600/580
Application Required to connect a FLOMAT 600/580 to the analog input of the DA-TAPORT 449 or the DATAPORT 450..
Description M12 connector with RS 485 end-of-line resistor
Application End-of-line resistor for the RS 485 network. To be connected to the last device.
Description M12 RS485 splitter connector


MODBUS Splitter to facilitate bus wiring

An overview of the power consumption of the sensors can be found on page 69
Description RS-485 / Profibus RS-485 gateway
Protocols: - PARTNER Bus
- Profibus
Application To connect a BIMON 670 / DATAMON 669 to a Profibus master, we offer a PARTENAIR / Profibus bus gateway. Depending on the number of sensors connected to the BIMON 670 / DATAMON 669, between 4 and 10 BIMON units
670 / DATAMON 669 can access the Profibus. The Profibus offers a functionality for viewing the measured values.
Description RS-485 repeater
Application An amplifier is used when the length of the RS-485 bus exceeds 500 m.
It is recommended to use an amplifier every 500 m of cable length.
Description RS-485 / USB converter
Application Converts RS-485 to USB port for PC.
Description 0-20 mA current meter, 8 channels, Modbus / RTU
Application Signal current meter, 0-20 mA, allows connection of up to
8 channels, Modbus / RTU / RS-485 output for connection to BIMON 670 or
Description Pulse counter, 7 channels, Modbus / RTU
Pulse meter application, allows connection of up to 7 sensors with pulse output, Modbus / RTU / RS-485 output for connection to BIMON 670 / DATA- MON 669