GPE GPV series energy saving dryers

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Eco Green - True innovation

Stop&Go technology

Inspired from the automobile industry, the ACT serie’s cooling circuit was redesigned with a Start&Stop function which allows the dryer to be put on standby mode when the needs are below the nominal capacity. The resulting energy consumption is reduced, all the more so when the charge rate is small.

This new generation of dryers results in energetic savings from the first models onwards, unlike technologies which would be too expensive to use for small capacity machines.

Model Input connection Flowrate (m³/h) My wish
GPE 3 ½” 21
GPE 5 ½” 33
GPE 8 ½” 51
GPE 12 ½” 72
GPE 18 1” 108
GPE 23 1” 138
GPE 30 1 ¼” 186
GPE 40 1 ¼” 240
GPE 55 1 ½” 330
GPE 60 1 ½” 372
GPE 80 2” 486
GPE 55-3 1 ½” 330
GPE 100 2” 630
GPE 60-3 1 ½” 372
GPE 80 -3 2” 486
GPE 120 2 ½” 750
GPE 100-3 2” 630
GPE 120-3 2 ½” 750
GPE 140 2 ½” 870
GPE 160 2 ½” 960
GPE 140-3 2 ½” 870
GPE 160-3 2 ½” 960
GPV 210 DN 80 1260
GPV 300 DN 80 1800
GPV 360 DN 80 2208
GPV 400 DN 100 2400
GPV 500 DN 100 3000
GPV 600 DN 100 3600
GPV 720 DN 100 4416
GPV 900 DN 150 5400
GPV 1100 DN 150 6624
GPV 1200 DN 200 7200
GPV 1500 DN 200 8832
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New controller for maximum energy efficiency

The new controller module allows configuration in fixed mode or energy saving mode.

In the energy saving mode, if the dryer reaches the minimal dew point value, the refrigerating dryer stops until the dew point reaches its upper limit.

The stopped time and the energy savings are proportional to the dryer’s loading rate.

The advantages are real for installations with a fluctuating loading rate or for climates with a strong temperature fluctuation, in order to guarantee performances in the hot months.

Capacitive drain without compressed air loss

All compressed air dryers of the Eco Green and Vario Green range come with a condensate drain with level detection to avoid any costly compressed air loss.

Vario Green - Even more savings !

Variable speed technology

From 1250m3/h onwards, the dryers are equipped with variable speed ventilators and refrigerating compressors. This technology allows an accurate and flexible adjustment  of energy consumption to the installation.

The overall steering of the dryer is done by the DMC 50, specially designed for optimization of the Vario Green dryers.

Thanks to its innovative controlling logic, the controller constantly monitors all the parameters of the refrigerant circuit. It measures the thermic charge in real time and adjusts the rotation speed of the compressor and ventilators accordingly.

In this way, the dryer delivers an extremely stable dew point, all the whilst adjusting the energetic consumption to a strict minimum, still satisfying the charge rate of the installation.

Color touch screen

With its large color touch screen, with many informations, the user interface is very intuitive.

The usual parameters are always displayed and detailed informations such as the saving of parameters, the savings made, the maintenance periods and the events memory stay easily accessible.

The RS 485 interface comes with the unit for a remote control of your Vario Green dryer.

Real savings

The following graphs clearly show the energetic savings made thanks to the Eco Green and Vario Green dryers.

Detailed specifications

The Eco Green and Vario Green dryers in comparison to standard dryers

x: loading rate