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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Measure, Particle counters by laser
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The PARBASE 870 is the basic unit for the new generation PARCOUNT laser particle counters optimized for applications in compressed air or gases. These devices have been designed with optimal quality in mind, in full knowledge of the needs of the market, and designed to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Depending on the meter model chosen, the measurement range can range from 0.1 μm to 5.0 μm. The measured values indicate the number of particles per m³, l or ft³ or in μg / m³. The parameters can be adjusted via the integrated screen, an external PARTENAIR screen or the configuration software.

Compressed air applications:

• Medical air
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Breathing air for rescuers, divers
• Food industry
• Medical technology
• Semiconductor industry
• Transport of food
• High-tech process
• Electronics industry

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Detailed specifications

Characteristics :

• Easy connection to compressed air thanks to a 6 mm quick connector
• Can be used as a portable or stationary device
• Particle size measurement range: 0.1 ... 5.0 μm (depending on the model)
• Optional with 5 "color touch screen
• Output signals:
- RS-485, Modbus / RTU
- SDI (PARTENAIR proprietary digital signal)
- Relay (NO)
• Can be connected to PARTENAIR screens and data loggers or to screens and systems from other manufacturers