VLR / VX1: New filters for vacuum circuits

It is a fact; our activities are better known for the treatment of compressed air; but Partenair also markets several ranges of filters for vacuum circuits.

Like compressed air, these networks carry a number of pollutants which must be eliminated.

Upstream filtration is intended to prevent pollutants (solid or liquid) from entering the pump casing and damaging it seriously.

2 new series of filters are now available to protect vacuum pumps:

- The VX1 series: for a filtration threshold of 1 µ

- The VLR series: for a filtration threshold of 5 µ

Each series includes 16 models to cover flows between 7 and 490 m3 / h reduced to atmospheric pressure.

Available as an option, visible level drain pots are designed to be connected to the filter trap and collect any liquids present in the lines.

All filters are supplied complete with indicator or pressure gauge showing the differential pressure through the filter media.