Energy savings

Compressed air is expensive energy.

The pneumatic kW hour is up to 20 times more expensive than its electric counterpart!

Optimizing the energy consumption of a compressed air installation is therefore a key concern for manufacturers.

The list of actions to control and take is long.

First, the compressor, which is the main consumer of energy. Network pressure, new technologies, heat recovery remain the main avenues.

The hunt for leaks follows.

They represent the 1st post-compression expenditure item since they are between 40 to 50% (*) of air production by ADEME.

Heat-free adsorption dryers, which consume large amounts of air, can naturally be optimized by adding an energy-saving retrofit or, if necessary, replaced by regeneration dryers using heat, more energy-efficient.

The automated isolation by time bands of unused networks and the installation of traps without loss of air will also complete the range of devices essential for controlled management of the operating costs of the compressed air network.

Finally, the measurement of the flow consumed, per workshop or per machine, will build up, by continuous control and analysis, cost monitoring, and the prevention of any deterioration in the improvements made.