ŒNOSKID Nitrogen production

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Manufacturer Partenair
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Guaranteed performance

Decades of experience in P.S.A. adsorption technology guarantees a quality product. Each nitrogen generator is 100% factory tested before shipping to certify the flow rate and purity of the nitrogen produced. Each skid is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Fast return on investment

The savings over traditional nitrogen cylinder supply provide a very fast return on investment.
Savings compared to membrane technology

Reduces compressed air consumption by 2 to 3 times or more compared to membrane nitrogen generator technology.

Oxygen analyser

The oxygen analyser probe - zirconium - of very high sensitivity offers an increased life time compared to traditional electrochemical probes.

Quality first

The mass flow controller ensures the expected nitrogen flow and pressure. The oxygen analyser ensures the required level of
level of purity at all times.

Food grade nitrogen

The nitrogen produced is certified as food grade for contact with food under E 941.

Autonomy and reliability

Be autonomous for your nitrogen needs. Free yourself from the hassle, risks and constraints of managing, transporting and storing high-pressure nitrogen cylinders.

Intuitive control interface

Control and access to the various functions of the generator is made easy with the large colour touch screen. The use of icons allows simple and intuitive navigation through the various menus.

ECO" mode, reduced operating costs

The generator has an automatic standby mode. It does not consume compressed air when your activity no longer requires a supply of nitrogen. The generator automatically resumes operation as soon as there is a new need for nitrogen.

Purity dependent energy saving mode (optional)

Reduces compressed air consumption with an additional oxygen analyzer that extends cycle times when demand is below rated capacity without affecting the purity of the nitrogen supplied.

Web interface

Access to a web portal is provided as standard, allowing remote control and monitoring of your nitrogen generator.

Traceability is ensured through continuous recording of nitrogen purity. This data can be retrieved via the
The data can be retrieved via the web portal and also exported to a USB stick for viewing and archiving in Excel format.