PROGEN XP series nitrogen generator

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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Nitrogen generators


Nitrogen purity: 99.9% to 99,999%

Very pure nitrogen

Our experienced team of engineers is constantly researching to bring to you the best performing technologies with a best possible value for money.

The standard nitrogen generators offer a purity of 95% to 99.5% and the XP version offers one of 99.9% and 99.999% (10ppm).

The PROGEN nitrogen generators have an output of up to 215m3/hr.

Our range of generators produces nitrogen of high quality, compatible with all applications, including nitrogen which comes in contact of foods as defined by the current norms (EN 231/2015 - Additive E 941).

    •    integrated oxygen analyser constantly controlling the nitrogen purity

    •    mass flow analyser for output and pressure

    •    compact design for confined spaces

    •    very intuitive, little learning needed

    •    2 years guarantee

    •    ROI in less than 24 month

    •    innovative piston valve: less maintenance and downtime needed 

    •    eco-friendly: no gas import to your installation

  Nitrogen flows generated according to purity / residual oxygen content
Model 99.9% (0.10%) 99.95% (500 ppm) 99.975% (250 ppm) 99.99% (100 ppm) 99.995% (50 ppm) 99.999% (10 ppm) My wish
PRG 6 XP 3,9 3,2 2,7 2,1 1,8 1
PRG 12 XP 7,7 6,4 5,4 4,3 3,6 1,9
PRG 19 XP 11,6 9,7 8 6,4 5,5 2,9
PRG 22 XP 14,2 12,2 10,7 9,6 7,7 5,5
PRG 34 XP 21,3 18,4 16,1 13,5 11,6 8,3
PRG 45 XP 28,3 24,5 21,5 18 15,5 10,9
PRG 68 XP 42,5 36,7 32,2 27 23,2 16,4
PRG 90 XP 56,7 48,9 42,9 36,1 30,9 21,9
PRG 104 XP 65,1 56,2 49,4 41,4 35,5 25,2
PRG 120 XP 75,7 65,4 57,2 48,2 41,2 29,2
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The generators are steered by a very reliable programmable unit with numeric and (optional) analog outputs for monitoring alarms and remote control of the generator.

The color graphic touchscreen user interface allows for an intuitive monitoring of numerous parameters such as nitrogen purity, air and nitrogen pressures, different cycle stages, the functioning hours, maintenance periods…

Furthermore, 4 analog manometers indicate the nitrogen and air pressure in the A and B columns of the PROGEN unit in real time.

Oxygen analyser

The integrated oxygen analyser constantly monitors the oxygen concentration in the produced nitrogen flow. With its cutting-edge sensor, a reliable measurement is guaranteed. The sensor has a much longer lifetime than traditional sensors.

Interfaced with the programmable unit, the analyser guarantees that the nitrogen purity is reached and maintained at all times.

Quality first

A mass flow controller guarantees an optimal nitrogen pressure and flow.
Coupled with an oxygen analyser, the impure nitrogen drain automatically eliminates atmospheric nitrogen which isn’t conform.

“ECO” mode for saving costs

Thanks to downstream pressure controller, this unique feature lowers the compressed air consumption when the nitrogen demand is lower. The electric consumption is then lowered.

Reliable high-performance valves

The generators are equipped with piston valves designed to last long. These regulate air admission, nitrogen outlet and the column regeneration. In order to minimize shocks when changing cycles, the generators are also equipped with adjustable valves to rebalance pressure.

The latter avoid heavy shocks in the generator, improve the air/nitrogen ratio and make the activated carbon last longer.

These valves have a 2 year guarantee.

Maximal anti-corrosion protection

The aluminium column resist traction and have a chrome-based coating as well as a powder paint finition in order to have maximal protection against corrosion.
Easy use and maintenance
The touchscreen and program logic make for a very intuitive use needing little learning. The innovative piston valves make for a low maintenance unit.

Detailed specifications

Compressed air quality and specifications

Particle filtration (4)

0.1 micron
Residual oil content (3)

0.01 ppm
Minimum compressed air pressure

6 bar
Maximum compressed air pressure

10 bar
Maximum admissible dew point (2)

Recommended dew point

Ambient temperature range

Electric power

100 to 240V AC / 50 or 60 Hz

Options and accessories

Needle valve

Replaces mass flow controller

Galvanic cell (O2)

Zirconium oxide cell (O2)

Additional mass flow controller

Flows > 60 m³/h
High capacity mass flow controller

Flows > 120 m³/h
Low voltage control circuit

24 VDC (optional)
High pressure option

Up to 16 bar
4...20mA transmission of the O2 concentration


Correction factor depending on operating pressure (5)

Inlet compressed air pressure (bar)

6 7 8 9 10 16
Correction factor

0.88 1 1.1 1.2 1.2 (2)

Facteur de correction selon la température de l'air comprimé (5)

Inlet compressed air temp. (ºC)

5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Correction factor

0.8 0.9 0.94 1 1 0.98 0.95 0.9 0.85 0.72

    1.    In m3/hr (20ºC - 1 bar abs) for an inlet compressed air pressure of 7 bars relative and a compressed air temp. between 20 and 25ºC. Correction factors apply for different values. See correction factors above.

    2.    Upflow air dryer needed. Please contact us for any assistance in the choice of an optimal dryer.

    3.    Oil vapors included

    4.    Adapted air filtration needed. Upflow air dryer needed. Please contact us for any assistance in the choice of an optimal filters.

    5.    Please contact us for assistance in your choices. 

    6. Needs an adapted compressed air filtration. Please contact us.