GLV MAXI series nitrogen generator

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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Nitrogen generators

On-premise production from compressed air

The GLV MAXI generators allow you to produce nitrogen gas yourself, on-premise, from a compressed air network.

Adaptable to all uses, it offers a nitrogen purity between 95% and 99.999%.

Designed for industrial use, the generators assure an uninterrupted production of nitrogen for minimal costs.

The range comprises 20 models covering outputs between 2 and 2400m3/hr of nitrogen depending on the chosen purity.

    •    on-demand production of nitrogen gas

    •    residual content in oxygen between 5% and 0.001%

    •    automatic functioning, 24/24h

    •    reliable, safe and cost-saving

    •    easy use, low maintenance

    •    master the costs of your nitrogen consumption

    •    no more nitrogen supply dependence

    •    nitrogen quality sufficient for food-industry

    •    construction under DESP97/23 directive for pressurized equipment

    •    standard bodywork montage  

    •    numerous options (montage on skids, GTC alarms, ATEX fabrication…)

    •    quick ROI

Model My wish
GLV 25 N
GLV 50 N
GLV 70 N
GLV 90 N
GLV 110 N
GLV 120 N
GLV 150 N
GLV 160 N
GLV 180 N
GLV 220 N
GLV 260 N
GLV 350 N
GLV 450 N
GLV 570 N
GLV 730 N
GLV 920 N
GLV 1140 N
GLV 1450 N
GLV 1840 N
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(*) Flows indicated (+/- 2%) for a pressure of 10 bars and a compressed air temperature of 20ºC

(1) Delivered nitrogen pressure: 2 bars under that of the compressed air
(2) Air quality at generator inlet:
(3) Dry (pressure dew point +3ºC) and deoiled (0.001 ppm at 20ºC) air

Ambient air is composed of 78% of nitrogen. The GLV series nitrogen generators offer the required nitrogen quality through selective separation of the different gases present in the air.

The generators use the PSA process to reach very high purity, a process which has been in use for over 20 years.

A specific molecular carbon sieve with high selective adsorption power is used. When the air passes by the tank, the oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules are captured by the microscopic pores of the carbon while the nitrogen molecules and are let out downstream for use.

The oxygen and CO2 captured at then released to the atmosphere thanks to fully automatic cycle of adsorption/regeneration.

The generators thus assure an uninterrupted and cost-saving production of nitrogen.

Detailed specifications

Correction factor depending on compressed air temp.

Inlet compressed air temp. (ºC)

20°C 30°C 35°C 40°C 45°C
Correction factor (x)

1 0,95 0,88 0,81


Correction factor depending on operating pressure

Inlet compressed air pressure (bar)

7 8 09 /  10
Correction factor

0,87 0,95 1