MINIGEN series nitrogen generator

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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Nitrogen generators

Compact & Plug-and-Play

The reliable and eco-friendly nitrogen generator range MINIGEN is manufactured in our cutting-edge factories under the strictest quality norms  in order to guarantee great reliability and performance.

The MINIGEN generators can produce nitrogen at 16m3/hr with a purity of 95% and at 4m3/hr for a purity of 99.9%.

Nitrogen is an inert and dry gas used in many applications where oxygen can be harmful to the product or process.

The nitrogen generators use ordinary compressed air to ensure a continuous flow of high purity nitrogen, thus offering a cost-saving and reliable solution to bottled nitrogen for a great number of applications.

    •    guaranteed performances

    •    rapid ROI

    •    easy installation

    •    security and reliability

    •    eco-friendly

  Nitrogen flows generated according to purity / residual oxygen content
Model 95% (5%) 96% (4%) 97% (3%) 98% (2%) 99% (1%) 99.5% (0.50%) 99.9% (0.10%) My wish
MNG 3 6.3 5.7 4.9 4.0 2.9 2.4 1.5
MNG 5 10.1 9.0 7.7 6.2 4.6 3.6 2.6
MNG 8 16.6 14.9 12.9 10.3 7.6 6.0 4.3
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Numerous applications

Nitrogen is used in numerous commercial and industrial applications to improve the quality of a product of process, or as a security measure to avoid combustion.

Our range of generators produces nitrogen of high quality, compatible with all applications, including nitrogen which comes in contact of foods as defined by the current norms (EN 231/2015 - Additive E 941).


PARTENAIR is aware of the importance of the purity of nitrogen in the food sector.

The MINIGEN generator was designed to satisfy a growing demand for integrated and complete solutions, allowing to save time and energy, all the whilst fitting precise needs.


The delivery and stocking of liquid or bottled nitrogen can be quite expensive, not very reliable and have security problems.

These traditional methods have a lot of hidden costs: rent, filling, delivery, eco-taxes…

Nitrogen generators allow you to produce internally in an easy and cheap way thanks to a pre-existing compressed air system.

In general, the ROI of installing a MINIGEN unit is between 6 and 24 month.

Sustainable energy

With its eco-function and exceptional design, this unit offer significant advantages compared to supplied gas or even other traditional generators.

Compact system

The compact plug-and-play system can be installed easily, cheaply and with little hassle. One only needs a pre-treated compressed air treatment system.

The MINIGEN is ideal for small applications like the production of wine, food conditioning and atmospheric isolation, needing high quality nitrogen.

Detailed specifications

Compressed air quality and specifications

Particle filtration (4)

0.1 micron
Residual oil content (3)

0.01 ppm
Minimum compressed air pressure

6 bar
Maximum compressed air pressure

10 bar
Maximum admissible dew point (2)

Recommended dew point

Ambient temperature range

Electric power

100 to 240V AC / 50 or 60 Hz

Correction factor depending on operating pressure (5)

Inlet compressed air pressure (bar)

6 7 8 9 10
Correction factor

0.88 1 1.1 1.2 1.2

Correction factor depending on compressed air temp. (5)

Inlet compressed air temp. (ºC)

5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Correction factor (x)

0.8 0.9 0.94 1 1 0.98 0.95 0.9 0.85 0.72

    1.    In m3/hr (20ºC - 1 bar abs) for an inlet compressed air pressure of 7 bars relative and a compressed air temp. between 20 and 25ºC. Correction factors apply for different values. See correction factors above.

    2.    Upflow air dryer needed. Please contact us for any assistance in the choice of an optimal dryer.

    3.    Oil vapors included

    4.    Adapted air filtration needed. Upflow air dryer needed. Please contact us for any assistance in the choice of an optimal filters.

    5.    Please contact us for assistance in your choices.