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Great power

High capacity water chillers. The FRIOBIG series provides chilled water in great quantities and with precisions thanks to the electronic regulation module DANFOSS® coupled with electronic thermostatic valves. Most specific needs can be satisfied thanks to a vast choice in options. Remote control of units is possible.

    •    free cooling option

    •    heat pump option

Plaquette GENERALE

Model Input connection Puiss. élect. Kw : Froid My wish
FRB 110 2"1/2 108
FRB 125 2"1/2 124
FRB 150 2"1/2 146
FRB 170 2"1/2 169
FRB 200 3" 203
FRB 220 3" 221
FRB 250 3" 244
FRB 290 3" 290
FRB 320 3" 318
FRB 350 3" 345
FRB 390 3" 392
FRB 430 3" 429
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From 140 kW to 570 kW

The FRIOBIG range includes 12 models with cooling capacity from 140 to 570 kW. These units are equipped with air condensers and axial ventilators for an outdoor installation. Thanks to its numerous options, the FRIOBIG can be configured for many different uses. Free-cooling versions ranging from 135 kW to 280 kW are also available.


The self-supporting structure is made out of galvanised sheet metal and coated with a polyester powder paint. The removable panels allow an easy access inside the unit for maintenance operations.

Cooling circuit

Manufactured of top quality materials by skilled personnel according to strict brazing procedures, conforming to Directive 2014/68/EU.
It is composed of:
    •    dehydrator filter

    •    sight glass with moisture/liquid indicator

    •    Manual reset high pressure switch and automatic reset low pressure switch;

    •    high and low pressure gauges

    •    Control and maintenance pressure plugs.

    •    pressure transducers

    •    Evaporation transducers

    •    condensation transducers

    •    refrigerant temperature sensor

    •    water/air temperature sensor

Hydraulic circuit

The hydraulic circuit is composed of an internal evaporator and a pipe. It is equipped with a differential pressure switch which protects the evaporator in case of a drop in water flow.


FRB chillers use tandem scroll hermetic compressors. They thus have more efficiency (higher EER) during partial loads, lower start up current in-rush, an increase in the average life of the compressor and a better adaptation to the load required at any time, starting the right number of compressors.
Compressors are mounted on rubber anti-vibration blocks to reduce noise even further.
They are equipped with a heating element of the carter to avoid oil migration.
They are also protected by an electronic device controlling phase sequences to avoid any contrary rotation.


The axial fans are directly coupled to tri-phased motors with external rotors.
The condensation control offers a continuous control of the speed.
These efficient fans have a large operational range and consume less energy, which makes the machine more silent, especially when the exterior temperature is low or when working at partial load.


Micro-channel aluminium plate condensers: guarantee a greater exchange surface than the traditional copper tube condenser and also mean the refrigerant charge can be minimised.
The all-aluminium structure frees these condensers of any galvanic corrosion risks. On the whole range of condensers is available the ElectroFin® E-coat treatment, that provide corrosion resistance and UV protection.

Electronic expansion valve

All FRB units are fitted with electronic expansion valves. These valves grant the best performance of the unit, a big flexibility towards different working conditions and a safe control of the gas superheating which is important for compressor protection and for unit reliability.



It is built as a AISI 316 stainless steel single circuit for models up to 220 kW, and as two independent circuits for those above.
The antifreeze security of the electronic controller checks the output air temperature in order to prevent any freezing up.

A differential pressure switch protects the evaporator in case the water flow ceases.
For models FRB200 up to FRB430, the evaporator has a double refrigerant circuit and a single water circuit. This configuration is particularly efficient for partial charges, compared to solutions with independent evaporators.

It is possible to equip the machines with a tubular evaporator instead of the plate evaporator.

Control panel

Control panel complying with EN 60204 CE, with door lock disconnector (blocks access to the control panel when it is live) and watertight door to access electronic control. Includes  circuit breaker protectors for compressors and pump, contactors, autotransformers, compressor rotation direction control devices; panel wires are numbered; to make use easier there is an ON/OFF switch on the panel door.

Automatic control unit
Its main functions are:
    •    complete management of the machine and alarms

    •    steering of the electronic expansion valve

    •    water temperature control (based on entry or exit temperature with different logics depending on use)

    •    remote communication via RS485 interface

Un remote panel replica is an option.

Control system

This type of microprocessor allows the control of up to 4 controllers. It has visual alarms, buttons for different functions, a continuous control of the system and an information backup in case of a power cut.
The screen enables the setting and display of set point values.

    •    regulates water temperature at the exit of the evaporator

    •    (optional) switching on and off of pump with right delay

    •    manages fans

    •    Compressor’s on and off cycles based on water temperature required

    •    manages pump timing (option for double pump models)

    •    measures and displays condensator entry/exit water temperature

    •    measures and displays condensation and evaporation pressures

    •    protects against frost

    •    alarm management


o High refrigerant pressure switch;
o Low refrigerant pressure switch;
o Differential water pressure switch;
o Wrong phase sequence;
o Compressor circuit breaker;
o Pump circuit breaker;
o Temperature probe failure;
o Pressure probe failure;
o High water temperature;
o Anti-freeze.

Controls and testing

Each FRB is tested with full load. The following tests are also carried out:
    •    Correct components assembly;

    •    Pressing of refrigerating circuit and search for any leaks using helium leak – searcher;

    •    Pressing of hydraulic circuit;

    •    Electric tests in compliance with standard EN 60204;

    •    Control that protections and safety devices work correctly;

    •    Control that the electronic controller works correctly;

    •    Thermal performance and electric quantities measurement.

Detailed specifications

Accessories and optional components*

Single P2 pump

Condensing control: electronic fan

Single P3 pump

Condensing control: low ambient temperature kit

Single P5 pump

(up to -20°C ambient temp.)

Double P2 pump

Automatic water filling kit

Double P3 pump

Condenser air filters

Double P5 pump

Flanged Water Connections (EN 1092-1)

Non-ferrous duct for single pump

Threaded water connections (GAS)

Non-ferrous duct for double pump

Stainless steel threaded water connections (GAS) AISI304

Pressurized water tank

Rubber anti-vibration mountings for no tank units

Non-ferrous pressurized water circuit

Rubber anti-vibration mountings for units with tank.

(AISI304 stainless steel tank)

Remote panel

water level switch

Packing with barrier-bag

anti freeze evaporator

Wooden crate

anti freeze evaporator and pump

Wooden basement

anti freeze evaporator, pump and tank

Container loading

anti-condensation heating element for control panel

Heating resistors

water double set point

Free cooling

E-coating condensers treatment


(*) depending on models. Contact us for more information.