The water chiller is used to cool a liquid for an industrial process. This liquid is mainly water or glycol water, but can also be oil. The industrial water chiller is an interesting alternative to cooling towers and waste water systems. This economical solution is intended for intensive use in closed and open circuits.

With more than 35 years of collaboration with our manufacturer's factories, our chillers meet a growing demand with a set of ranges and options that are constantly expanding.
This is why the study of each project is important in order to determine the unit that best suits the process needs.


• FRIOCUBE SERIES (FRC) from 1 to 17 kW

The FRIOCUBE series is available with a wide range of control, hydraulic and airflow options to meet industry standards. These small power units are suitable for all types of use, including applications requiring precise control of water temperature (+/- 1°C).
The FRIOCUBE is particularly suitable for cooling processes in the moulding and plastic extrusion, laser cutting, precision engineering, pharmaceutical and food industries.

• FRIOPLUG SERIES (FRP) from 5 to 95 kW

The range is designed as standard with equipment to meet variable process requirements (multi-compressor and multi-circuit) and an ambient temperature range of -8°C to +43°C.

Closed-loop water cooling processes provide a real economic alternative that protects the environment and reduces manufacturing costs.

• FRIOFLEX SERIES from 10 to 103 kW

The FRIOFLEX range is a modular range thanks to its numerous hydraulic and control options, allowing it to be adapted to your processes.

All units are equipped with components carefully selected for their performance and quality of manufacture.