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The units have numerous in series component and are thus adaptable to strong variations in chilled water needs. The multi-compressor configuration on the 23kW and higher models make for an energy performance up to 30% superior to that of mono-compressor systems.

    •    easy installation, in- or outdoors

    •    continuous regulation of fan speeds

Model Input connection Puiss. élect. Kw : Froid My wish
FRP 005 1" 5.13
FRP 008 1" 7.65
FRP 011 1" 10.69
FRP 014 1" 13.81
FRP 016 1" 15.72
FRP 017 1" 17.06
FRP 021 1" 20.81
FRP 028 1"1/2 27.61
FRP 031 1"1/2 31.31
FRP 033 1"1/2 32.99
FRP 042 1"1/2 41.63
FRP 047 1"1/2 47.14
FRP 055 2" 55.15
FRP 066 2" 65.52
FRP 083 2" 82.86
FRP 095 2" 94.27
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From 7 kW to 128 kW

The FRIOPLUG range is tailored to most demanding industrial uses.
It offers precise control over the chilled water temperature with absolute reliability in its continuous use. The range is made up of 16 basic models covering powers from 7 to 128 kW.


The self-supporting structure is made out of steel and coated with a polyester powder paint. The fixation elements are made of stainless or electro-galvanised steel.
The detachable panels allow easy access to the interior of the unit for maintenance operations, which can be safely undertaken while the machine is running. The frontal compressor compartment is accessible on all three sides and is independent from the condensing compartment.

Complete cooling circuit
Manufactured of top quality materials by skilled personnel according to strict brazing procedures, conforming to Directive 2014/68/EU.
It is composed of:
    •    rotary or scroll compressors for refrigerant R410A 

    •    coaxial copper evaporators or AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plates

    •    epoxy coated aluminium condensator with micro-channels

    •    dehydrator filter

    •    sight glass with moisture indicator

    •    external equalisation thermostatic expansion valve

    •    high pressure switch with manual reset 

    •    low pressure switch with automatic reset

    •    gauges for high and low pressure

    •    pressure connections for checks and maintenance

Hydraulic circuit

    •    insulated inertial tank at atmospheric pressure

    •    stainless steel electro-pump with thermic isolation

    •    expansion valve

    •    safety valve

    •    automatic drain valve

    •    water level sensor

    •    differential pressure switch on the water circuit

    •    stopcock with ball valve

    •    water filter at unit inlet

    •    pressure gauge

    •    drain cock

    •    integrated and calibrated by-pass (avoids consequences of mishandling of the water shut-off valve)

A high power/volume relationship for a refrigerant compressor reduces restarts to a minimum and enables a very constant output water temperature.
The multi-compressor configuration allows for a smaller inertial tank, thus making for a quick achievement of operating temperature.
The inertial reservoir is placed on the discharge tube in order to mitigate the temperature variations caused by the starting and stopping of the compressors. It is available on all pressurised models (atmospheric pressure optional).
All models have a high output stainless steel centrifugal pump (with an AISI304 steel propeller) with a carbon/ceramic/EPDM mechanical seal.
The machines can be equipped with 3 or 5 bar circulation pumps. From model FRP028 onward, a double-rotating system and pump is available in order to equalize operating times.
All pump models are asynchronous with 2 poles, ventilated with isolation class F and protection class IP44/IP55.
All units can be used with a mix of water and ethylene glycol (up to 30% concentration).


The rotary and scroll compressor technologies are very reliable and efficient, and are largely used for air conditioning. The scroll compressor is much appreciated for its silence, absence of vibrations and has no problems concerning liquid floodback.
The compressors are mounted on silent blocks in order to reduce noise even more. They are protected by an electronic reverse phase protection unit.

Choice of several compressors

The multi-compressor configuration for each refrigerant circuit, used from model FRP017, allows the chiller to assure important advantages in comparison with a single compressor-per circuit unit.

    1.    More efficiency (higher EER) during partial loads: the chiller is generally sized for the maximum output required, but this condition rarely occurs and only for limited periods; during split operations, chiller efficiency (EER) can increase significantly compared to full power.

    2.    Lower start up current in-rush and an increase in the average life of the compressors.

    3.    Better adaptation to the load required at any time, starting the right number of compressors.


With 4/6/8 pole, axial motors and an external rotor, rotation speed is regulated by a phase-cutting regulator (standard), based on condensation pressure measured by a pressure transducer, thus leading to more regular operation and lower consumption, extending machine operating limits and making it quieter when the outer temperature is low or when it operates with a reduced load.

All fans have a protection grid, internal heat protection with automatic resetting, class F insulation.


Micro-channel aluminium plate condensers: guarantee a greater exchange surface than the traditional copper tube condenser and also mean the refrigerant charge can be minimised (from 30% to 35% less than a traditional condenser).
The all-aluminium structure frees these condensers of any galvanic corrosion risks.
Stainless steel condenser filters are provided on all units.
They can be easily removed for service and cleaning.


With stainless steel brazed plates, compact in size and really efficient.
The evaporator is separated and independent of the storage tank. The electronic control’s anti-freeze function keeps the evaporator’s outlet water temperature under control to stop it freezing up. A differential pressure switch protects the evaporator against lack of water.
A mechanical inlet water filter (standard) protects the entire hydraulic circuit against any dirt coming from the plant.
For models from FRP055 to FRP095, the evaporator has a double refrigerant circuit and single water circuit.
This configuration is very efficient with partial loads, compared to independent evaporator solutions.

Detailed specifications

Accessories and optional components*

Description 005-021 028-095
Single P5 pump

Double P3 pump

D3 X
Double P5 pump

D5 X
Open circuit kit (additional water tank)

No tank version with single P3 pump

No tank version with double P3 pump

T0 D3 X
No pump version with pressurized water tank

No pump version with open circuit kit (additional water tank)

Non-ferrous pressurized water circuit

Water level switch

Automatic water filling kit

Automatic water bypass valve

Wind baffles

Remote panel

Wheels kit


Rubber anti-vibration mountings for no tank units

FA1 [1]
Rubber anti-vibration mountings for units with tank

FA2 [1]
Wooden basement


(*) depending on models. Contact us for more information.

Legend: X not available;  • optional;
[1] needs FF option