TRACAIR: efficient and economical ultrasonic leak detector

The leakage of compressed air is very expensive for French industry. A commonly accepted basis of calculation is € 300 per year for a "simple" hole of 1 mm ...

TRACAIR is a detector of compressed air leaks

Any leak of compressed air has an ultrasonic - inaudible "signature" which can be located by an ultrasonic detector.

TRACAIR is a second-generation detector specially designed for the detection of compressed air leaks in an industrial environment.

It offers many advantages:

- TRACAIR is a portable detector with high sensitivity which makes it possible to detect the slightest leak.

- It is very easy to use, its intuitive "Point-and-aim" use is acquired immediately.

- It detects compressed air leaks up to 10 meters away.

- It is not necessary to stop production to detect leaks.

- It has an adjustable sensitivity for greater precision.

- The intensity of the leaks is indicated visually by LED and by sound signal via the headphones.

Its last asset, and not least, is its very competitive price compared to the first-generation versions. Its return on investment is almost immediate.

TRACAIR is light and easy to use, its detection capacity makes it an efficient and profitable leak detector. It is the ideal tool for providing facility audit services.

TRACAIR is supplied in a carrying case with all the necessary accessories.

Comfortable headphone with dimming sound - Sensibility setting and LED visualization - Security carrying case