ECOVANE - Isolate parts of networks during downtime

The waste of compressed air - sometimes in proportions beyond measure - is transparent and would leap if applied to other more visible energies.

So how, in a simple and effective way, no longer waste the compressed air energy?


By setting up ECOVANE at strategic points in the distribution network.

ECOVANE allows all (or part) of the compressed air network to be isolated during periods of inactivity (breaks, lunches, nights, weekends, specific hours, etc.).

Programming cycles is very simple, using the function keys.

Slow opening and closing of the valve prevents water hammer in the network and protects the equipment installed on the line.

The network portions, thus isolated, no longer consume compressed air, the volumes contained in the tanks, and the lines are preserved, the compressors no longer start to supply the leaks.

The valve

In case of unforeseen needs, the user can regain control and manually actuate the valve on site (or remotely with the optional actuator).

ECOVANE is a product with immediate profitability which guarantees savings of up to several thousand euros per year on the energy bill of compressed air.