Monitor the consumption of your compressed air network

"Air is free. Compressed air is not! Use it wisely."

Knowing and monitoring actual compressed air consumption is a significant factor in reducing energy costs.

Continuous monitoring can reduce operating costs, lower capital costs for new compressors and ensure the efficiency of the compressed air system. Flowmeter technology allows for accurate metering of the amount of compressed air at the measurement points from the compressor to the consumption points.
FLOTIP mass flowmeters are an optimal solution for measuring consumption at the point of use or for low flow installations. They display the instantaneous flow rate of compressed air independently of the pressure and temperature of the gas being measured.

The FLOTIP range is particularly suitable for :

  • Controlling the compressed air consumption of a machine.

  • Monitoring compressed air consumption within the framework of a machine.

Why choose FLOTIP ?
No need to respect the upstream/downstream distances since it is equipped with a flow rectifier that facilitates its installation. It displays instantaneously the flow rate, the cumulated consumption and the pressure (optional), transmits the measured values to your centralized technical management (GTC) with one of the 2 protocols 4-20mA/pulses or ModBus/RTU. You will be able to quickly identify any possible overconsumption.



Application advice:

  • The F500 range is suitable for conventional applications up to 210 m3/h and even 360 m3/h on request.
  • The superior range, F800, is composed of an integrated recorder allowing the saving of data on the evolution of the flow in time. The F810 range is equipped with an additional pressure sensor for more monitoring.