DEWMON Hygrometers - Price drop

DEWMON 695 - Plug & Play Wall Hygrometer

Adapté à tous les réseaux d'air comprimé il permet de monitorer en temps réel le taux d'hygrométrie.

DEWMON is a pressure dew point hygrometer. It is connected to the compressed air network by means of a simple 6 mm quick coupling and its corresponding flexible tube.

Its all-in-one design and robust enclosure (IP65) has been designed for wall mounting in the harshest industrial environments.
industrial environments. Two programmable alarm levels (pre-alarm and main alarm) allow optical display and transmission via separate relay outputs.

Dew point control from -50 °C to +20 °C

Adsorption and Refrigeration
2 in 1

Two videos dedicated to this hygrometer are available on our Youtube channel:

Presentation and installation :

Settings and parameterisation via keyboard and S4C software: