Compressed air heater

Beware the cold is coming!

Compressed air heaters have unique features to ensure an adjustable compressed air outlet temperature adjustable between 20°C and 120°C.

Among the multitude of compressed air applications, some require temperature control or maintenance to keep the system running at peak performance. The heater adjusts the temperature quickly thanks to its spiral heating element. Controlled by an electronic thermostat, it efficiently regulates the temperature of the compressed air, depending on the flow and pressure fluctuations of the air network concerned.

Flow*: 52 m³/h 108 m³/h
Raccordement : 3/8'' 1/2''
Max. temperature rise** 90 °C 80 °C
Model without a thermometer : A39BH A55BH

(*) : In m³/h bar 20°C under7 bars relative.
(*) : according to the flow - see graph below

Maximum temperature rise depending on model and air flow rate

CAUTION Compressed air heaters should only be installed on perfectly dried and de-oiled compressed air.

Principal characteristics :

  • Maintains temperature during flow fluctuations.
  • Low pressure drop (< 100 mbar).
  • Semi-automatic control and safety trap.
  • ISO 9001 design and manufacturing.