CAPTAIR COMPACT: Finally available!

The robust level detection trap specially dedicated to small capacity pneumatic systems!

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This trap concentrates all the advantages to offer a reliable, economical solution for all the drainage points of small installations

For compressors up to 10 m3 / minute.

No loss of compressed air.

Direct control valve.

Integrated protection strainer.

Anti-corrosion treated aluminum body.

Compatible with non-lubricated networks.

Simple and inexpensive maintenance.

The CAPTAIR COMPACT, with its small footprint, is ideal to be installed under coalescing filters - or in air dryers compressed by refrigeration - replacing traditional draining systems, energy-consuming or unreliable.

For total reliability, it uses a direct Viton® seat solenoid valve protected by a large strainer retaining any solid impurities present in the condensates.

The control electronics incorporate intelligent logic enabling self-cleaning cycles to be carried out completely independently.

Unlike some traps on the market, CAPTAIR COMPACT is very easily removable for maintenance or cleaning, without using specific tools.

With its low height (74 mm) and light weight (0.5 kg) it becomes the new benchmark on the market by offering the reliable professional solution to the problems of condensate drainage from compressed air networks of small capacities!