AP 31 mini dryer

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Mini dryer from 2 to 3 m3 / h for a dew point of -10 to -40 ° C!

Specially designed for intermittent applications and / or low flow rates, the AP 31 mini dryer provides a very low dew point (typical value of -40 ° C).

The air is dried during its passage through a desiccant bed whose function is to capture the molecules of water vapor.

The desiccant has an exclusive colorimetric indicator of saturation indication. This change in color (from orange to translucent) makes it possible to precisely determine the time of replacement of the desiccant load.

The desiccant is available in 3 kg waterproof buckets for easy replacement.


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AP 31
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The air entering the dryer must not contain oil or water in liquid form. Liquids destroy the structure of the desiccant beads. So check the air quality at the outlet of your compressor. Do not expose the dryer to shocks, solvents or solvent vapors which will damage the polycarbonate bowl. A bowl with stresses or cracks must be replaced immediately, otherwise it will burst and cause serious injury.

This mini dryer is supplied as standard with an explosion protection designed to avoid any dangerous projection of debris in case of rupture of the polycarbonate bowl. This precaution is essential in terms of safety standards, polycarbonate being subject to embrittlement by attacks by chemicals (eg Solvents).


Before any maintenance, make sure that the dryer is depressurized and cannot be accidentally re-pressurized. Unscrew the polycarbonate bowl and discard the used desiccant. Inspect the condition of the bowl, replace it if necessary. For all cleaning, use only soapy water. Do not use solvents which will damage the bowl. Fill the bowl with the new desiccant. Reinstall the bowl. Return the dryer to service.

Detailed specifications

Head : Polyacetal.
Bowl : Polycarbonate.
Dessicant load : 1 Kg.
Bowl capacity: 1.28 litre
Max flow. 2 à 3 m3/h sous 7 bars.
Maximum pressure 8 bars
Temp. compressed air : 40°C maxi.
Dew point : -40 à -60°C
Connection : 3/4" Tapped.
Width between racct 155 mm.
Total height 300 mm.