Selective separation dryer, DMD series

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Water (Vapor)
Dew point +3°C à -40°C
Classe iso : 4
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Static process, optimal efficiency

The DMD series membrane dryers are designed for compressed air networks with low flow rates requiring a pressure dew point between +3 and -40 ° C.

These dryers are fully static. They operate without power supply and do not generate condensate. Their very small footprint makes them particularly suitable for installation inside production machines.

They are perfect for ensuring the over-drying function at the end of the line for equipment requiring a dew point lower than the general air quality of the site.

The range consists of 6 models and covers flow rates up to 110 m3 / h.

  • Dew point delivered between + 3 ° C and -40 ° C under pressure (depending on flow).
  • Air quality according to ISO 8573-1
  • Class 4 to 2 for water vapor.
  • Fully static process.
  • No power supply.
  • No condensate generated.
  • No refrigerant gas.
  • No desiccant.
  • Ideal for “over-drying” in the end.
  • Small footprint.
  • Vertical or horizontal installation.

Model Input connection My wish
DMD 20-1 3/8”
DMD 20-2 3/8”
DMD 20-3 3/8”
DMD 20-4 1/2”
DMD 20-5 1/2”
DMD 20-6 3/4”
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(*) Flow rates indicated in m3 / h 20 ° C 1 bar (ISO 1217)

(1) Data according to DIN 7183: Operating pressure 7 bar, dew point + 3 ° C under pressure

(2) Compressed air temperature + 35 ° C saturated, ambient temperature + 25 ° C

(3) Minimum air quality required at the inlet of the DMD dryers: 0.01µ and 0.01 ppm filtration, no liquid condensate.

(**) These data are indicative and may vary from one model to another.

If several data differ, the factors will be multiplied between them.

Compressor flow

Selection formula: = ---------------------------------------

F1 * F2 * F3

DMD series membrane dryers use advanced selective separation technologies on polymer membranes to separate water vapor from compressed air. Air circulates inside thousands of hollow, pressure-resistant, membrane-coated fibers. This ultra thin film membrane - patented technology - lets water molecules pass more than 20,000 times faster than air molecules. A small part of dry compressed air is taken at the outlet and injected against the current on the external part of the membranes in order to reject the water vapor outside the hull. This completely static process requires no external energy source and makes these dryers particularly attractive.

Detailed specifications

Correction factors
For different operating conditions, please use the correction factors below:

F1 - Correction factor *) according to the operating pressure:

Pressure (B) 4 6 7 8 9 10
Factor x 0,4 0,8 1 1,2 1,4 1,7

F2 - Correction factor *) according to the compressed air temperature:

Temp. (°C) 5 25 35 40 50
Factor x 1,7 1,2 1 0,9 0,8

F3 - Correction factor *) according to dew point pressure / pressure:

Dew point (°C) -40 -30 -10 3 10
Factor x 0,4 0,5 0,7 1 1,1

*) This data is indicative and may vary from one model to another.

If several numbers differ, the factors will be multiplied between them

Selection formula: Compressor flow / (F1 * F2 * F3)

Limits Min. Nominal Max.
Operating perssure 4 bar(R) 7 bar(R) 10 bar(R)
Compressed air temp. +5°C +35°C +66°C
Ambient temp. +1°C +25°C +50°C
Pressure dew point -40°C +3°C +10°C