Boiler flange filters

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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Compressed air treatment, Compressed air filters
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Boiler filters - Multi-cartridges

DELTECH filters are recognized worldwide for their manufacturing quality and filtration efficiency.
For large flow air plants, Deltech has designed a range of boiler filters with carefully dimensioned flange connections.

  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing.
  • Filters in accordance with Directive 97/23 for pressure equipment for group 2 gases.
  • Filters without silicone, compatible for "air paint" applications.
  • Color coded filter elements to avoid accidental confusion / reversal.
  • PN 16 flange connections.
  • Saturation indicator supplied as standard (except CF series)
  • Residual oil filtration up to 0.003 ppm at 20 ° C (ISO class 8573 = 1)
  • Particle filtration up to 0.01 µ (ISO class 8573 = 1)
  • Compatible with mineral or synthetic oils.
  • Compatible with non-lubricated networks.

Model Input connection Flowrate (m³/h) My wish
810 +Grade DN 100 2700
1215 +Grade DN 100 4050
1620 +Grade DN 150 5400
2025 +Grade DN 150 6750
2430 +Grade DN 150 8100
3645 +Grade DN 200 12150
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* Select the generic if you don't know which model to choose. The sales department will contact you to determine the appropriate model.

Flow rates indicated according to ISO 7183 (20 ° C and 1 bar absolute) under 7 relative bars.

High flows 1,100 to 14,850m3 / h

4 filtration grades make it possible to meet all the filtration qualities as defined by the ISO 8573 standard.
All filter bodies are made of carbon steel protected by an epoxy paint.

The pleated media filter elements offer 96% empty volume, thereby reducing the pressure drop by up to 50% compared to traditional media.

Detailed specifications

Grades available PF HF CF DF
Quality class according to ISO 8573-1:2001 Particles : 2 Particles : 1 Particles : N/A Particles : 1
                  Residual oil: 2 Residual oil : 1 Residual oil : 1 Residual oil : N/A
Particle retention                  >99,99% to 1µ >99,99% to 0,01µ N/A >99,99% to 1µ
Residual oil content at 20°C 0,5 ppm 0,01 ppm 0,003 ppm (Vapors) N/A
Maximum compressed air temperature 65°C 55°C 55°C 55°C
Recommended compressed air temperature 20°C 20°C 20°C 20°C
Maximum operating pressure 16 bars 16 bars 16 bars 16 bars
Pressure loss (initial) 50 mbars 80 mbars 30 mbars 50 mbars
Maximum recommended pressure drop 400 mbars 400 mbars N/A 400 mbars

Equipment / Options PF HF CF DF
Differential pressure gauge


Yes Equipment / Optional Yes
Dry contact differential pressure gauge                            Option Option No Option
Steam valve with timed solenoid valve Yes Yes No No
Level detection electronic steam trap Option Option No No
Manual air vent No No Option Yes
Color code filter elements  Green Blue Yes Bordeaux
Manufacturing code for D.E.P. D.E.P. Gray D.E.P.
Exterior paint White RAL 9001

White RAL 9001

D.E.P. White  RAL 9001