Oil vapor detectors - COVAMAT 880

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Manufacturer Partenair
Categories Measure, Residual oil content analyzers
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The detector, COVAMAT 880 monitors the content of oil vapors in compressed air and other gases. It is available in a stationary version or a portable version for checks on different sites. Its easy connection to the DATAPORT 670 or DATAMON 669 data logger and its exceptional power make the COVAMAT 880 the ideal solution when residual oil contents must be precisely measured and monitored.

It is not easy to guarantee that the compressed air is free of oil. In many industries, particularly food and pharmaceutical industries, surveillance is absolutely necessary to avoid any contamination of products and any risk to human health. The COVAMAT 880 performs this monitoring task reliably and affordably.

For exceptional precision and long-term stability, the sensor is equipped with automatic calibration. Pollution and the lifetime of the sensor are monitored and indicated to the user via status messages. If the maximum admissible residual oil content is accidentally exceeded, the air is diverted by means of a bypass to protect the sensor.

Limit values:

Compressed air class 1 (EN ISO 8573-1): 0.01 mg / m³
Medical application: (EAB 407/1238): 0.1 mg / m³
Breathing air (EN 12021): 0.5 mg / m³


• Measurement of residual oil vapors in compressed air and gases
• Suitable for stationary or portable use
• Measurements up to 0.003 mg / m³
• Easy connection thanks to a hose and a 6 mm quick connector
• Output signals:
- 4 ... 20 mA
- RS-485, Modbus / RTU
- Relay (NO)
• PID sensor for very high precision
• LED to indicate maintenance and alarm
• Possibility of connection to PARTENAIR screens and data loggers, but also to screens and systems from third-party manufacturers

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Detailed specifications

Technical characteristics
Measuring fluid Compressed air and gas, without corrosive, aggressive or flammable components
Measuring range 0,003 ... 10,00 mg/m³ (based on 1 000 hPa, 20 °C, 0 %relative humidity) 
Sensor type PID (photo ionization detector)
Detection limit 0.003 mg/m³
Accuracy 5% of display + - 0,003 mg/m³
Operating pressure 3 ... 15 bar (higher pressure on request)
Gas humidity < 40 % relative humidity, no condensation
Test flow < 2 l/min, sample gas released in
Gas connection Quick connection 6mm
Electrical connection  M12 multi-pin
Sensor life 6000 hours of operation (indicated by indicator)
Gas temperature -20 °C ... +50 °C (at intake)
Ambient temperature -20 °C ... +50 °C
Transport temperature -30 °C ... +70 °C
Output signal 4 ... 20 mA (0 ... 10 mg/m³)
RS-485, Modbus / RTU
Relay, NO, 32 V CC/500 mA
Power supply 24 V CC ± 5%, 10 W
Display and recorder 5" color touch screen
100 million values recorder (Optional)
Application Downstream of activated carbon filters; downstream of unlubricated compressors; downstream of any air drying and filtration chain.
Box / dimensions PC, aluminium alloy, 271 X 205 X 91 mm
Protection index IP65
CEM According CEI 61326-1
Settings Various sensor settings possible via the display or the configuration software
Mass 2400 g
Sampling 1 s