Measure your compressed air system and optimise costs

Quantify what you can save with the right equipment!

DEWMON hygrometers allow you to continuously monitor the dew point in your compressed air system. When a problem occurs, the dew point is no longer reached and the resulting deterioration in humidity can have serious economic consequences on production quality and/or lead to costly breakdowns in pneumatic machines.

The FLOMAT mass flow meter measures the compressed air consumption of the network. The data is read and transmitted in real time. Its technology does not require pressure or temperature compensation. It is available as an insertion version or pre-installed on a measuring section.

The multi-channel graphic display/logger DATAMON allows the connection and visualisation of up to 16 measuring devices on a graphic colour touch screen.
The integrated MODBUS interface allows real-time data transmission to the customer's BMS or other monitoring systems. 100 million values can be stored for later analysis. Anomalies such as costly air consumption, dew point drift, etc. can be quickly and accurately identified and remedied before any damage is done to production.