KONSO series: Power measurement

The KONSO series power meter measures the instantaneous power consumption in kW and calculates the energy consumption in kWh for three-phase systems.

It informs about the consumption of a compressor, the supply voltage, power per phase, reactive and instantaneous.

To observe the actual energy efficiency and cost of the compressed air produced, a PITO flow meter connected to the DATAMON data logger can be installed at the compressor outlet.

The data is then transmitted via MODBUS to a DATAMON analyser/data logger which will display and record the actual power consumed by the compressor or any other industrial machine.

The device is easy to install and offers high measuring accuracy.

Three versions are available: a DIN rail version, a wall-mounted version and a portable version.
Monitor the power consumption of your industrial equipment.

Control the power consumption of your industrial equipment.

For more information: see the video on this subject! HERE