Distributor of FRIOFLEX CWE chilled water group

For 30 years, PARTENAIR has been associated with FRIULAIR for the distribution of several ranges of chilled water groups, in particular the FRIOFLEX CWE range with the following correspondences:

FRF 010 CWE013
FRF 015 CWE021
FRF 019 CWE026
FRF 027 CWE036
FRF 030 CWE041
FRF 035 CWE046
FRF 040 CWE053
FRF 050 CWE068
FRF 055 CWE075
FRF 060 CWE085
FRF 070 CWE100
FRF 080 CWE110
FRF 095 CWE125
FRF 103 CWE140