DID YOU KNOW THAT ? Maintenance in two acts

When replacing the alumina present in an adsorption dryer, it is necessary to split the maintenance into two interventions.

  Indeed, the alumina poured into the vessels necessarily generates dust which will be conveyed to the exhaust silencers and captured by the filtering dust collector element at the outlet of the adsorption dryer. This will quickly clog the compressed air silencers as well as the particle filter.

  For this reason, we recommend changing the pre-filter and the oil separator when replacing the alumina, as they come upstream of the dryer, and then a few days later to change the silencers and the dust filter, as they come downstream of the dryer.

  In this way, a healthy maintenance will have been carried out, extending the life of the silencers and the filter and guaranteeing a better protection of the compressed air line.

Find our YouTube video "How to pressurise a compressed air line equipped with an adsorption dryer": https://youtu.be/pEhqGZvPPfg