An original application : use of cryogenics

Among all the uses of compressed air there are some more original than others. This is the case here in this achievement dedicated to the cleanliness of our cities.

How, in our era where "Tags" are more and more widespread, clean the walls of these graffiti to say the least unsightly? Simply by using cryogenics !

Cryogenics application

SEMAC - one of our oldest distributors - approached by an industrial cleaning company, called on PARTENAIR for the development of this ecological project: to project Co2 beads under pressure which will "sand" all kinds of graffiti without leave a trace and this, without adding chemicals.

In fact, during the impact, very cold CO2 balls (-80 ° C approximately), projected at high speed, weaken the adhesion of the paints. The shock effect provides kinetic energy which leads to breakage and abrasion. Finally the sublimation of the ice largely contributes to the removal of residues leaving the surface clean without trace of cleaning product.

The vector providing the impact force is compressed air previously filtered and treated at a very low dew point (-80 ° C) by a PRODRY dryer, thus avoiding the clogging of the nozzles by humidity which would inevitably turn into ice in contact with dry ice.

The air production and treatment unit was installed on a self-supporting mobile frame.

Conclusive tests and on-site tests .... 7 machines sold.